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The body functions in a cyclical manner: Work - Rest - Repair. If this cycle is interrupted, the body suffers both noticeably and quietly. This is when an injury is likely and other ailments arise. 

Spinopractic massage helps working muscles to complete their action. By helping the muscle, the body can return to the rest and repair cycle. Blood flow and communication to the central nervous system is restored.

Hyperton X is a clever way to say Sports Kinesiology. Referring to muscles which have become hypertonic (the state of increased muscle tone restricting full function), discovered through pain, lack of flexibility and weakness.

It's a total mind/body integration method, wherein the body is consulted using its own bio-feedback system through muscle testing then moved in such a way as to release the hypertonic state of key muscles, which in turn also affects the central nervous system and positively impacts other bodily systems. 

Phobias, allergies, and addictions are some examples of reactions to systemic disruptions which impact the body's energy systems negatively.

Using muscle testing and tapping, meridians, energy systems can be assessed, and corrections to the disrupted system can be made which usually resolve the reaction we suffer from acutely.

Individuals treated this way often lose their phobia or no longer suffer symptoms of allergies, with no need for pharmaceutical intervention.

Without proper nutrition, the brain and supportive organs are not functioning at their fullest potential. The lack of key nutrients significantly impacts our muscles and immune system, and even our moods! 

Maybe we do eat a balanced diet. Yet, work, family, or school is challenging, a relationship is falling apart, or life, in general, is still proving more difficult than fun. A balanced diet is a minimum you need to combat that stress, so if it's the minimum, imagine how much food you need to eat to get the maximum?! 
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My Approach

First, I uphold my integrity by always being honest and trustworthy. I'm sincere in discovering your happiness and path for good health.
Second, I search for these outcomes through discussions and physical observation, which guide me to energetic blocks and pain points, as well as misalignment in the body resulting in bothersome symptoms.
Third, I ask permission to help relieve you of the unwanted symptoms, negative energy, and pain.

I provide a safe and pleasant atmosphere, in a professional space be it in my office off-site. It is important to me to offer security to establish trust and confidence. I'm a transparent person and quite open to questions, as I wish to have an honest relationship with my clients. As with any other professional relationship, your information is kept private. I may confer with other professionals for help with a discussed problem or need, and maintain anonymity. Further to that, your permission is always requested and honored.

It is my request that parents be in attendance with special needs children or children under 16. This is for my own protection as much as your own comfort about their safety. Special needs adults may require a carer in attendance as well. No actions I use or take are intended or could be misconstrued as a medical procedure, nor will I diagnose or confirm any diagnoses. My job is to help your body heal itself, and do what I know works, not to imply other treatments or practices I am not trained for or do not use myself. Many clients use many beneficial methods to help their body, and it is my wish that my methods will complement those or even eliminate some. Some issues I offer treatment for include:

  • Trauma Release

  • Pain Management 

  • Stress Management

  • Allergy control

  • Dyslexia

  • Anxiety and Phobias

  • Women's Issues

  • Men's Issues

  • Neurological and Meridian Alignment

  • Other Issues 

About me

Much of my talent for working with energy was triggered by an awakening in 1996, which saw massive spiritual growth and an understanding of our alternate consciousness.

Having begun working with others in a salubrious way in 1998, where I trained in the Echelon method of massage, I also touched upon energy manipulation for the benefit of positive mind-shifts among my social groups. I have a passion for sociology and psychology which also contributes to my understanding of alternative health and conscious choices.

Through further study of Hyperton-X with the Institute of Natural Health, I became certified in sports kinesiology and certified to teach it to others as well. Not only interested in providing one method of therapy I  learned a method of allergy testing and correcting with has proven helpful within my own family.

My success with these modalities drove me to fulfill my life-long goal of working from my heart and being able to support my family with a role that brings me joy that I can share with everyone.

I had a treatment with Hollie today and it was very helpful. It helped to relieve symptoms and I felt the energetic clearing immediately. I highly recommend a treatment by Hollie to rejuvenate and repair your body mind spirit connection from the inside out. I am so very grateful for working with a therapist who I am comfortable [&] resonate with <3

V. P. Dimi, February 12, 2018


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